With a lot of energy, passion and excitement we started "FITWELL"

Dr Ruchi

A founder of the organization, Ruchi is a certified fitness trainer from American Council on Exercise and certified CKT level -1. She is NESTA certified life style and weight management coach

  • Her expertise includes, weight and stress management, core strength and conditioning, functional exercises, Myo facial release and Balance training. She has authored various health related articles in different newspaper and magazines and continue to generate awareness in the society regarding the importance of following a healthy lifest.
  • We are the providers of one of its kind, state of the art fitness studio in Noida, integrating fitness and wellness to achieve holistic health benefits. Our passion reflects in the fact that we set the standards when it comes to instruct, guide, counsel and motivate our clients to reach their fitness goals.


We are dedicated to spread awareness in the community and help individuals improve their fitness and quality of life through any workout that they enjoy, to fend off the preventable diseases, live longer and spend less on the health treatment. We believe that more people will be engaged in any workout if they enjoy it. Led by our amazing instructors our group fitness classes offer community, energy and motivation to create a transformative experience and deliver fitness results. There’s a class for everyone, get in to find yours.! Inspire your mind and transform your body with moving classes and workouts taught by instructors devoted to making it the very best hour of your day. 

Enjoy your favorite workouts, from cardio and dance (like Zumba, Folk fitness, Masala Bhangra) to strength-training, conditioning and yoga, all conveniently located at our fitness and wellness studio and expertly designed to keep you moving toward your best self. Best of all, classes are included in your membership!

Cardio Sculpt

Alternate intervals of cardio combined and strength that provide equation for a well-balanced workout in condensed amount of time.

Cardio &Core –Fit

Focus on fat loss and cardiovascular improvements. Members are coached through safe and core strength, stability and balance exercise .​