We believe "Healthy body resides in a Healthy mind.”

About us


Our mission is to promote holistic health and fitness for our members where they not only achieve their physical fitness goals but also gain in terms of mental strength and emotional well- being.

Featured Classes

Our classes are designed in such a way that you get complete workout i.e Cardio, Strength, and Flexibility.


A dance form of work out where you groove on to the tunes of Bollywood number. It is a fun way of doing some cardio workout.


Another dance form of work out and a session can help you loose upto 600 calories.

Functional Training

The functional training involves multiple muscle groups. Combined with various equipments, it is an excellent tool for fat loss and tone your body.


Our yoga class helps you improve your flexibility, postures and is an efficient way of increaing mind body co-ordination..

Aerobics &Core

0 minutes of cardio session followed by floor exercise will help you get those perfect and and strengthen your core.


High Intensity Interval training or Circuit training as popularly called helps you burn more calories in less time.

At FITWELL, each day is a different class to break the monotony. The classes are designed in such a way that you find the classes FUN and the energy of the group keeps you motivated and help you reach your goals.


Fun activities for kids to increase, reactivity, coordination and agility while making it fun, energetic and interesting for them. We design age specific program for kids, challenging enough to boost their confidence.


Diet plays an important role  in reaching your fitness goals. Whatever your goal may be , weight loss, weight gain or maintain your current fitness levels, you have to follow a healthy eating pattern. At Fitwell we do diet counselling , help you manage  a healthy lifestyle and make fitness an essential part of your life that lasts lifetime.

At present fitness operations are being carried out by certified trainers (certification from American council of exercise–ACE) at the address below:

FitWell- The fitness and wellness Center
​A687A, 1st floor, Little Scholar School, Sector -19 Noida.